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Good Day.

Hey everyone! So today was chill. Got up around noon, lazed about the house, and then met some people for dinner. Before I went for dinner, I managed to snag some pictures downtown with the E-P2. It’s such a nice little camera. Beats lugging around an SLR all day. Anyways, went to Bangkok Noodles. It was my first time going and it was pretty good for the price (I got two meals out of one). That was about it.

Anyways, here’s some first look info on the new E-P3 and other models from Olympus:

and here’s a couple news lenses they’re releasing:

I REALLY want these two new lenses. They would make a great fit on the E-P2/E-P3/or whatever.

Thanks for coming guys!



Hey Everyone! So today I got up really late and pretty much did nothing all day. The weather is crazy. It was raining yesterday, but it’s sunny and kind of hot today? WTF. So stupid I swear. Anyways I went outside and took one picture today just because. I promise I’ll get back into it and start going on more photo walks and whatnot soon!



Today was rainy and wet and it sucked. Hopefully it will get better.


Hey everyone! So quick update today. The past couple days I just went to work and have been chilling mostly. I started jogging again and eating better to keep my health in check but other than that same shit, different day.

So today I decided to give a shout out to a few people around my age who are passionate about photography. Not only are they passionate, but viewing their work makes me want to be a better photographer as well.:


This is my friend Rolo Tanedo’s blog. I first met this guy online on ISS (, but all I knew about him was that he just had hella sneakers. After meeting him and shooting with him several times, I found him to be a really, really chill dude who is very passionate about photography. He has amazing amounts of dedication and brings his camera everywhere. Check out his blog as he updates it daily.


This is Connor’s website. I met Connor once when he came to SF a couple years back, but I have continued to view his work ever since. He’s really chill and takes AMAZING photos. Not only that, but his processing game is some of the best I’ve seen. He also speaks pretty good Japanese and is into a lot of the same anime/music as me so that’s a plus.


This is Eric’s website. I haven’t met Eric personally yet, but do know him through ISS. He’s a great photographer (my favorite being his sports shots) and very knowledgable. He also does a 365 in his blog so make sure to check that out too.

Those are 3 for today. It’s funny because I know all of them from ISS… Strange, huh?

Anyways thanks for coming! Today I’m just posting some old photos I never got around to uploading.



Hey everyone! So today I had planned to go shooting before work, but I was pretty tired so that just wasn’t going to happen. Perhaps tomorrow. So today, like the title implies, I worked a 7 hour shift at work. I’ve worked more than that before, but it’s been a few months. The day went by pretty fast, but I’m pretty tired. My feet ache too. Stupid Vans. Never work in those. But right now I’m laying down and just relaxing. Feels Good Man.

So today, I wanted to take a step back and talk about something else I have passion for: Music.

I’ve listened to many if not most generes of music. I went from Classical to Pop to Oldies to R&B to Alternative to Rock to Rap to Japanese music. I love music (writing, but mostly listening). I love all the things it can do for you. I listen to music everyday for at least 8-12 hours of the day no matter what. I can name you a song I listen to for every situation; for when I’m sad, happy, excited, bored, etc etc. As much as I love music, I feel it’s the one thing people take for granted. It’s quite easy to ask for good music and to condemn artists who we don’t thin are “worthy”, but creating art is difficult. Music is an art. It is simple yet complex, soft yet powerful, familiar yet strange. A 4 minute song can play in your head for over 4 hours if you like it enough.

Out of all those things, the one thing I love most about music is that it can free my mind. No matter what may happen, music can take me away from my current troubles and make everything better. Some people may call it running away. I call it a temporary escape. It’s the best thing ever.

Anyways, thanks for reading that! I really do have a love for music since it’s become such a huge part of my life. Next time you turn on your Ipod, be thankful you have something you enjoy listening to. The world would be pretty crappy without it.


Hey everyone! So today started off well. I got up, had some food, messed around on my computer and went to work. Pretty chill. When I got to work, I found that I was around 2 hours late because I didn’t check my schedule. My boss was kind of pissed ahaha. Work was pretty busy. My co-worker, Vanessa, quit so it felt like there was more to do than usual. Vanessa, if you read this, I think you hella cute :). Anyways that was my day. I work from 2-9 on Saturdays and Sundays, too so blogs on those days may be pretty dull.

Anyways, here’s something fun for you guys to look at:

I actually found this on Tokyo Camera Style a little while ago, but completely forgot about it until recently (thanks Kiyomi)! So yeah… Basically it’s this site where this lady posts pics of levitation (photoshopped of course). It’s still cool though and she gets very creative.

Thanks for coming! here’s a couple pics from my walk around SF the other day.

P.S. I hope you guys like the blog re modeling. Old layout wasn’t doing it for me.


My Sunday.

Hey Everyone! So today is the last day of my “weekend” before I go back to work tomorrow. Booooo. Anyways today was chill. I went and shot around downtown this morning and then went back home in the afternoon. They were giving out free ice cream for some kind of show on USA, too. Sweet. I went and checked out this new grocery store up the block. It’s kind of small, but they’re close and have everything I would ever need. It beats the annoying drive to Safeway. During checkout, I used one of the Self Checkout Machines. This Chinese dude puts his basket up (while I’m still using the machine mind you) and starts moving my stuff. That got me pissed. What if I went in your bathroom stall before you finished wiping your ass and started dropping my drawers? Same concept. I kindly told him to back the f*** up and wait his damn turn. Honestly, that is one of my pet peeves. Why would you do something like that? It’s not making anything faster. In fact he just wasted his own time since he had to listen to me bitch him out after. Idiot.

So enough of me complaining!

This is the link to the specs for the new Pentax Q camera. I was SO excited when I first saw this. I am a fan of Pentax’s glass and a compact, interchangeable lens camera seemed like a good way to lift the company up to bigger heights (their DSLR’s don’t compare to Nikon/Canon in my opinion). Everything looks great…. but they put a small sensor into it. Honestly, what a fail move. They could’ve gone the M4/3 way like Panasonic/Olympus or even with an APS-C like Sony/Samsung. Why would they put the sensor of a p&s camera into something like this? I have no clue why they thought that would be a good move.

I mean, why buy that (for ~$700 retail) when you can get the Panasonic GF2 (soon to be GF3) for $200 less? Especially when the GF2 has a bigger, better sensor. If I wanted the resolution of a point and shoot camera I would buy a Canon G12 and save $250. I’m pretty disappointed. Hopefully the sensor is a lot better than I think it is, but I doubt it.

So thanks for coming guys! I have about 600 views in the last 15 posts so it makes me happy that people are visiting (I don’t know about reading, but meh). Thanks a lot!