Hello everyone! I decided to make a blog/photo journal for my photography stuff and to do a little creative expression.

So as many of you know, my name is Steven Ichikawa. I’m (at the time of writing) 18 years old and a soon to be Sophmore @ San Francisco State University. I started into photography about 2 years ago and couldn’t stop ever since. I’ve learned a lot so far and want to learn even more. I’ve jumped from many different camera brands, but I’ve settled on Canon and have decided to be loyal to them.

I use Flickr to share my images…


All the images I post are taken by me unless stated otherwise. If you see an image posted and you didn’t get credit let me know. It will not and shall not happen though.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and can feel the same emotions I did when I captured them. Welcome.


So today was a chill day.Woke up in the afternoon and took care of a couple things. Nothing major. Hopefully I’ll have a couple of shoots coming up to add to my portfolio. I was a sick so I took a week or so off from taking photos, but now I’m going to dive back in. Can’t wait to go shoot around again.

Here’s my picture for today. Check out more in the comments on flickr.

I've been too lazy. Time to take more photos!

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