Cloudy Days

Hello everyone! So today, as some of you might have noticed, is cloudy and cold as hell (in SF that is). I was going to go shoot around with a friend today, but it was so cold that I decided to just stay home and relax. I eventually did go out and take pictures though around China Beach/Sea Cliff areas in San Francisco. I decided to use my Takumar SMC 55mm f/1.8. It’s fully manual focus, but something about it is just nice feeling. That’s about it. I have work tomorrow, but hopefully I’ll have time to get some shots in before hand.

Not sure if everyone knows, but if you’re an analog camera fan like I am, there’s this really cool site called:

It’s basically this guy who walks around Tokyo (mostly) and takes pictures of the analog (mostly) cameras he finds. He finds A LOT of gems and it’s really nice to see how people overseas are into photography. Film is not dead, people.

Speaking of film, if you’re ever in a situation like I was and have no light meter with you, check out this site:

It’s very helpful. I threw my 20D in manual and tried it out and it works. Yes, I do realize Sunny 16 has been around forever, but I’m sure many people do not know how to REALLY use it. I’m still experimenting around and it’s pretty fun. Can’t wait to pop some Provia in my ETR and shoot around.

One more thing, film is getting absurdly expensive to develop. I realize there’s a process involved, but for ~$50 for 3 rolls of 120 it’s kind of ridiculous (this includes prints though). I might have to look into developing and scanning film myself :P.

Thanks for reading everyone! Here’s some of my shots for the day.

They, of course, can be found on my flickr:

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