Friday Friday Friday

Hello everyone! So today is… Friday! Normally people are ready to go enjoy the weekend and have time to relax. I’m the opposite. I work weekends so I actually relax during the weekdays. It’s okay to me though. Anyways, today I went to Sutro Baths by Ocean Beach to take some pics. It’s the first time I’ve been there in more than 2 years so I was pretty amazed at all the work they’ve done around the area on the paths. It’s definitely a lot more fun to walk down there and explore now. After I was done there, I went to work and that was that.

A little while back, I discovered this guy’s youtube channel:

He goes by the name Mijonju (Michel Jones is his real name). He has an amazing camera collection and his videos are all camera based; mainly analog cameras (rangefinders and lomography and polaroids for the most part). I really enjoy watching his videos and hopefully you guys will, too! He recently appeared on a DigitalRev video so maybe you might recognize him if you watch their channel.

After watching a lot of his videos, I really want to get a Polaroid SX-70. It looks so unique the way it is built and the Impossible Project recently released new film to use with Polaroids. I can’t wait to pick one up and pop some film into it.

Get film and other polaroid stuff there.

So that’s about it for today. Here are some shots I got in today. Thanks for coming!

  1. Always wanted an sx-70 as well.

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