Lazy Day

Got up in the afternoon. Got food. Went to work. Yes, that was my whole day!

Here are a couple things you guys should check out:

^^ This is Steve Huff’s site. He does a lot of reviews and posts a lot of inspiring pictures from people who view his site: Daily Inspirations. He even went on Seal’s Tour recently and took some pretty nice shots. He goes over mostly Leica products, but does reviews on other cameras (Sony, Olympus, Nikon, Canon, etc) as well as reviews on camera bags. I think it’s worth checking out.

^^ This is from the DigitalRev Site. If you’re too lazy to read, it’s basically about this rich Chinese guy who buys a rare Leica-O Series rangefinder for about 1.9 Million USD. That’s insane, but I guess when you have money everything has a price.

That’s it for today guess thanks for coming! I did take a couple pictures so here they are.

Also on flickr:



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