Hey everyone! So last night I only got a few hours of sleep so I was pretty tired and was considering just staying at home and sleeping, but I decided to go out anyways. Went over to near Ocean Beach and walked from Fulton St. over to Lincoln and 41st through the park. Then I doubled back and walked back to Fulton and 43rd and then randomly walked around for a little bit. After that, I finally went to check out the new Whole Foods @ Haight St. It’s not as big as some of the other ones, but it has most things I would ever need. Lunch cost about $12 though since I bought hot bar food. F*@!. Anyways after that I went to Safeway to pick up a couple things. Can you believe they charge $5 for garlic salt???? Are they high? But enough of me complaining ahaha. Allergies are acting up today (they normally do when I lack sleep) so I’m just gonna stay home and kick it.

So referring to the Title of this entry, I’m going to discuss my passion for photography and what photography means to me. First, I would appreciate it if you would watch this video:

It’s an edited version of a song by JUJU called Hello Again~昔からある場所~ (mukashi kara aru basho = the place we had from long ago) used to promote the Sony Nex-5 camera (this video ALWAYS gets me at 3:35 onwards; it’s really sad). The song is obviously a love song, but ignoring the lyrics, if you look at the video itself, you see how the old man reminisces about happier days with his girlfriend/wife. Through each of the phases of his life, he always had a camera with him to capture the moments in life, even the saddest moments. And at the end of the day, he had an album full of pictures; memories and times that will not be forgotten.

This is my view on photography. It’s not about having the sharpest image or the image with the best composition. It’s not about “perfection” at all. It’s about capturing the moment and turning it into an eternal memory. That one moment you captured will never happen again. Once time passes you, you never get it back and once you lose a memory, it’s hard to recall it. So if you ever wonder why I always have a camera with me or why I take pictures everyday, this is why. I can understand if somebody was paid to take pictures, then having a near perfect image would be the best, but for a hobbyist like me, that’s not my intention at all.

Anyways… Thanks for reading that novel I just wrote :D. Here’s the shots I got from today. As always, they’re available for view on flickr:


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