Hey everyone! So today I woke up around 1pm and am going out tonight so today’s entry is going to be kind of short and plain.

I started a portfolio on 500px and will update it as I do photo shoots with people. I kind of want my portfolio to be exclusively portrait work that I do so it may take awhile to get up and going.

^^ there it is if you want to check it out. It only has photos from two shoots in it though so whatever ahaha. Feel free to add me on 500px also if you have an account.

In other news, here’s the first look video of the Lumix GF-3.

I’m not very happy with the GF-3 because I feel like many M4/3 cameras now are focusing on small size over everything else. It’s mostly touch screen too. I was NOT happy with the GF-2 touch screen and used the buttons all the time. I hope it is improved.

I personally want a Sony NEX-3/5 for a small camera because of the larger APS-C size sensor. That coupled with the 16 f/2.8 “pancake” would make a great street shooter for when I don’t want to carry my 20D. I might even pick one up within the next week or two.

I also have work on Sundays now. From 2pm-9pm. F*@#!

Anyways here’s today’s pictures. I only have a couple, sorry! Oh one more thing. I am using my old netbook right now with LightRoom 3 on it and it is SO SLOW. Thank God for MacBook Pro šŸ™‚




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