Reminisce Sometime…

Hey Everyone! So today was pretty good. I got out of bed (didn’t really sleep; just got out of bed) around 11 to meet some people for lunch. I’ve known them since elementary school so it’s cool that we can all keep in touch despite going to different colleges. Gotta make summer worth it. After that I went back home to relax and take a nap.

I have a habit of not sleeping sometimes because of various things. This time it was because I was watching a movie. It’s called タイヨウのうた (Song of the Sun) and it stars one of my favorite singers: YUI. It’s pretty old, but I FINALLY found it on youtube so if you’re interested just look it up and watch all the parts. I won’t ruin the whole story for you, but the background is that YUI plays a girl who can’t go outside during the day so instead she goes out at night and sings. She meets a guy she likes and the story goes on from there. It sounds corny, I know, but it was touching and pretty sad at some parts. It really made me think about life and how you have to seize the moment and do your thing whenever possible. And also to love without regret. There’s a drama and a movie. I watched the movie so I have no clue how the drama goes, but I think the plot is the same. I also have no clue why the international title is called “Midnight Sun” but that’s besides the point.

additional info about the movie:

Anyways… here’s a link from Steve Huff’s site about how using one prime lens (in his case, 35mm) can help improve your overall photography.

I found, after reading the article, that I agreed with most of what he said. I’m personally used to shooting 50mm (on a crop body), but the same things apply no matter what focal length you use (for the most part). There’s this other thing I’ve heard about called “One Lens, One Year” that basically tells you what Steve is telling you: Shoot with ONLY 1 lens the whole year and see how it can improve your photography and how it can change your style into something great. If you’re a hobbyist or an amateur, it’s worth trying especially if you’re in love with one focal length like I am.

here’s a couple pictures I took while lazing about.

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