Yeah I missed a day I know ahahaha. Anyway, yesterday I went out with a couple people and only got home a few minutes ago so I’ll just type one out right now. Yesterday I just went to the Park to get a few pictures and then to Wingstop with a couple people. Then went to my homie’s house. This is another dude I’ve known since elementary school days so it’s nice to be able to stay in touch. And now here we are. Oh I should mention. Unless you’re rolling 5 deep or so, DO NOT get the 50 wings from Wingstop. It doesn’t seem like much, but I got filled up real quick :O. Today I have work so nothing big going on. Just work, come home, internet, crash. As usual.

Anyhow I want to share this blog with you guys:

This is Hien’s blog and it is definitely one of the most inspiring I’ve read. I LOVE her style and she mostly shoots with a hassy 500c w/ 80 f/2.8 or a D5000 with 18-200 3.5-5.6. She is another example of a photographer who doesn’t need the best gear to produce awe inspring images. I first found her work on Flickr and have been following her ever since. Here’s a short quote from her blog:

“A while ago someone asked me the question “what do you do with your photos?”, to be honest I didn’t have a valid response. For me, photography is a hobby, a love, it’s an escape from reality and my sometimes hectic life. I am not a person who puts a monetary value on the things I love, I shoot because it makes me feel, I get to live that little moment through that viewfinder, a moment that is mine and often times other people’s as well. However lately I have been really excited about photography. Once I started shooting with film it opened my eyes to a world of more possibilities and discovery, it made me fall in love with this hobby over and over again, now I just have a little burning desire inside of me to do something more with my work other then just leave it as another file on my laptop. So I decided to do something, everything must start from somewhere right? baby steps…”

I agree with 100% of what she says here. The feeling of shooting really is an escape from a hectic lifestyle and it easily puts the most stressed minds at ease. Something about looking through the viewfinder and just creating ART is just great. Anyways I highly recommend checking her work out.

So that’s it for today. Here’s a couple images. As always:

Thanks for viewing everyone!

P.S. Since I have to work more than usual this weekend I’m going to recycle some pictures from Thursday for the weekend.


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