Hi everyone! So I got up around noon or so today since I wanted to go shoot a little before work. That didn’t happen ahaha. I’m pretty tired and didn’t feel like rushing around downtown and then back to the Mission district. Too much hassle. I know it’s kind of weird that I’m writing this so early, but I have work later and normally can’t function properly after coming home so this will have to do. I actually got the night off last night which was kind of surprising (since we normally get busy on Fridays). So I’m just going to be lazy and watch TV or something before work starts. I’ll start getting more proactive once the weekdays start.

Here’s a couple things I want to share:

the first is James Nachtwey’s website.

This guy is great. He takes photojournalism to another level. Especially some of the shots from Bosnia, Rwanda, and Afghanistan. They are simple yet so very powerful. I’ll stop here because his work speaks for itself.

the second is 菊池良助 (Kikuchi Ryosuke)’s blog.

His English is pretty bad and the layout of the site confuses me, but I just decided to look at his pictures. I don’t necessarily think the shots are amazing or even good to be honest, but something about them has a certain feel. Maybe because it’s just film I have no clue, but I enjoyed looking at his “blog photos.”

So that’s it for today thanks for coming! Here’s some photos.


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