Hey everyone! So this morning (12am-6am to be exact) I spent my time reading this really interesting manga. I’m an Otaku if you didn’t know and spend the time I’m not taking pictures reading manga or watching anime. Anyways, it’s called 真月譚 月姫 (Shingetsukan Tsukihime). It’s about vampires and stuff, but it’s FAR from anything like Twilight. If you like manga like me I would give it a read. It’s from the same makers of Fate/Stay Night so if you’ve seen the anime or read the manga it’s by the same people.

So since I was up so late I got up around 1pm or so and left the house by 2pm to go to Pacific Super for groceries and then to Grace Cathedral for some shots. A quick story, at Pacific Super these Mexican dudes tried to steal some stuff and ended up getting caught. They ended up fighting with this Chinese worker there and took off when some Mexican dudes that worked at Pacific Super showed up. They tried to take some canned food and a box of cookies or something. I know times are tough, but c’mon son. *shakes head*

Anyways…. It’s been more than a few days since I’ve been anywhere cool so when I got there and saw how beautiful it was inside the cathedral I was pretty stoked to take pics. I had to jack up the ISO to 800/1600 for most of the shots but it wasn’t too bad. Still pretty surprised the 20D renders noise nicer than some of the newer cameras I’ve shot with (in my opinion).

So for today I have a couple links to share:

1st up is Jacqueline Rivera’s Tumblr blog thing.

She’s an AMAZING photographer. I love the way she processes her shots. Her recent project on Nightmares was also very cool. Definitely check out her Flickr and Tumblr also.

2nd is another site

This site is really really really awesome. It’s basically people who take a picture of a picture that was taken in the same area as the original picture. Confused? Then check out the site. It’s cool how the places people go to have changed and how they held onto photographs that were near and dear to them.

That’s it for today! Here’s my shots from earlier.

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