Beautiful Day

Hey everyone! So today was really pretty out! I felt a little sluggish since I stayed up all night finishing a manga (again whatever), but I was in pretty high spirits since I got to do another shoot today. When I first started taking pictures, I DID NOT want to do portrait work at all because I wasn’t confident that I would do a good job. After doing a few shoots, I found that I love it so much more than anything I’ve done before. I’m always learning and obviously need to improve, but I do see a difference from my first shoot until now.

Today, My friend Ally (whom I’ve known for like forever) agreed to do a couple’s shoot with her boyfriend, Kyle. They’re both really chill and that helped so much during the shoot. Stress free environment. It was pretty sunny out, but the park where we went was pretty nice. This is just the first day of shoots as we’re having a part 2 tomorrow. Thanks you guys for helping me become a better photographer!

I only took around 75 or so shots today (normally I take around 150+) and found I had 15 keepers. Hopefully I’ll get another 10-15 tomorrow to complete the 2 day set. I’m pretty excited! I just hope the sun isn’t too overkill since I won’t have too much shade to work with. I shot the entire thing with Ally’s XSi and my 50 1.8 (I didn’t feel like using the 20D).

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