Long Day.

Hey everyone! first of all I want to apologize for the short, emo blog post yesterday. Something just put me off and kind of made my whole day feel yuck so yeah. Anyways, I stayed up all night again so I could go to the beach really early to get some shots. Unfortunately for me, it was VERY FOGGY. I got a couple shots but not the ones I wanted. So I went home and took a nap and went to Ally’s house after with a couple people. We haven’t done part 2 of her shoot yet so expect that sometime in the near future. Got In N Out and then got my ass beat at pool for awhile. I never realized how out of practice I was (I was never really good at pool so maybe not?) so I got beat each game. So that was pretty much my day!

In other News! http://www.nytimes.com/2011/06/22/technology/22camera.html?pagewanted=1&_r=3&ref=business

This a link to a NY Times article about a company who is making a camera where you can shoot and then adjust the focus after. I personally think the system can be a great tool for pros and amateurs alike who took a photo at the Definitive Moment and found that they focused it incorrectly. Although helpful, I have a bad feeling about this somehow…

So yeah everyone thanks for coming!




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