My Sunday.

Hey Everyone! So today is the last day of my “weekend” before I go back to work tomorrow. Booooo. Anyways today was chill. I went and shot around downtown this morning and then went back home in the afternoon. They were giving out free ice cream for some kind of show on USA, too. Sweet. I went and checked out this new grocery store up the block. It’s kind of small, but they’re close and have everything I would ever need. It beats the annoying drive to Safeway. During checkout, I used one of the Self Checkout Machines. This Chinese dude puts his basket up (while I’m still using the machine mind you) and starts moving my stuff. That got me pissed. What if I went in your bathroom stall before you finished wiping your ass and started dropping my drawers? Same concept. I kindly told him to back the f*** up and wait his damn turn. Honestly, that is one of my pet peeves. Why would you do something like that? It’s not making anything faster. In fact he just wasted his own time since he had to listen to me bitch him out after. Idiot.

So enough of me complaining!

This is the link to the specs for the new Pentax Q camera. I was SO excited when I first saw this. I am a fan of Pentax’s glass and a compact, interchangeable lens camera seemed like a good way to lift the company up to bigger heights (their DSLR’s don’t compare to Nikon/Canon in my opinion). Everything looks great…. but they put a small sensor into it. Honestly, what a fail move. They could’ve gone the M4/3 way like Panasonic/Olympus or even with an APS-C like Sony/Samsung. Why would they put the sensor of a p&s camera into something like this? I have no clue why they thought that would be a good move.

I mean, why buy that (for ~$700 retail) when you can get the Panasonic GF2 (soon to be GF3) for $200 less? Especially when the GF2 has a bigger, better sensor. If I wanted the resolution of a point and shoot camera I would buy a Canon G12 and save $250. I’m pretty disappointed. Hopefully the sensor is a lot better than I think it is, but I doubt it.

So thanks for coming guys! I have about 600 views in the last 15 posts so it makes me happy that people are visiting (I don’t know about reading, but meh). Thanks a lot!

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