Hey everyone! So quick update today. The past couple days I just went to work and have been chilling mostly. I started jogging again and eating better to keep my health in check but other than that same shit, different day.

So today I decided to give a shout out to a few people around my age who are passionate about photography. Not only are they passionate, but viewing their work makes me want to be a better photographer as well.:


This is my friend Rolo Tanedo’s blog. I first met this guy online on ISS (, but all I knew about him was that he just had hella sneakers. After meeting him and shooting with him several times, I found him to be a really, really chill dude who is very passionate about photography. He has amazing amounts of dedication and brings his camera everywhere. Check out his blog as he updates it daily.


This is Connor’s website. I met Connor once when he came to SF a couple years back, but I have continued to view his work ever since. He’s really chill and takes AMAZING photos. Not only that, but his processing game is some of the best I’ve seen. He also speaks pretty good Japanese and is into a lot of the same anime/music as me so that’s a plus.


This is Eric’s website. I haven’t met Eric personally yet, but do know him through ISS. He’s a great photographer (my favorite being his sports shots) and very knowledgable. He also does a 365 in his blog so make sure to check that out too.

Those are 3 for today. It’s funny because I know all of them from ISS… Strange, huh?

Anyways thanks for coming! Today I’m just posting some old photos I never got around to uploading.


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