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Hello everyone! Now that my hand’s doing a little better and I don’t feel like utter sh!t I can do a bit more posting! I had work today so yeah a bit tired though.

DigitalRev made this interesting video on how to scan film yourself with your DSLR. Sure you could just buy a scanner and get better results for only $300-$400, but I thought this was pretty neat. I remember reading this on a DIY site awhile ago, but I wasn’t into film so I didn’t really care :P.

Here’s the link to the DIY site article:

As you can see from looking at the video, the article, and the comments in the article, there is no ONE correct way to do this. It’s alla about experimentation. I’m going to give it a try soon. Walgreens scans are very low quality so I need a better way to do it anyways since I don’t want to spend so much money on processing AND scans.

Here’s a few more shots from the Olympus Trip 35. Excuse the quality.

BTW got my license with broken hand. Duh, WINNING.


Hey everyone!! So today I had my hand surgery. It wasn’t too bad. After they popped in the IV I was out like light. Right now I feel groggy and a little dizzy and disorientated, but thankful that everything is okay.

So some people are asking me how I broke my hand. I did it by punching the wall in my house (and hit a 2×4 behind it). I ended up breaking two of my bones. My grandmother on my dad’s side has Dementia. When I was making food for her, she kept getting on my case and b*tching me out. I have a pretty bad temper so I decided to fight the wall. The wall won. This is definitely a life lesson for me. Not only did I break my hand, I blew a whole bunch of my Mom’s time and money. I want to thank her and all the people that showed concern for me.

On a brighter note, my hand is healing properly and I still am able to work.

Thanks for coming guys!


Wow it’s been like a week since I last posted. Sorry about that! I can’t really grip my camera so things have been dreadfully boring lately. I have surgery on Thursday for my hand followed by physical therapy. I have no clue how I’m going to pay for everything, but once I get an accurate amount of what I’ll owe it’ll be less stressful.

Here are a few links to some photographers’ sites:

I’m not going to say much about them. Just check them out. Some interesting shots, some boring shots. I liked them however.

Anyhow, I have decided I’m going to shoot a roll of film per week. Either 35mm or 120. I already finished off a roll of 35mm and had it developed today. I got it done at Walgreens and they did a fairly good job (considering the exposure on my Trip must have been off. Used 800ASA even though it only goes up to 400ASA on the camera hehe). I’ll probably go and get a couple rolls of 120 developed after my surgery and have those put up as well.

Anyways here’s a few from my Olympus Trip 35 w/ 800ASA Lomo film.


Hey everyone! So I just wanted to leave a small update for you guys. Well, I broke my right hand in 2 different spots so I can’t take pictures for now. I have a Boxer Fracture and it takes like 4-6 weeks or something to heal. FUUUUUUUU. It’s really hard to do things with my left hand. I also have a hard time doing everyday things like doing my hair, showering, tying my shoes, buttoning my pants, etc. I really feel for people who are missing limbs. It’s not easy to only have one arm to work with. Also, school tuition went up by another 12% FML.

So yep that’s what’s going on now.

I’m going out so yeah just a quick update. Here’s some b&w pics I took the other day.


Hey everyone! So I’m posting this way earlier than normal, but I have work later and I don’t feel like typing stuff up like this when I want to just chill. So this morning I went down to China Beach to see if I can get some good pictures of the sunrise. I took a few shots and found one that I liked.

On the way down there, I ran across the street and didn’t realize that a car was there. He waited for me so I waved to him. Ironically, I saw the same guy at the beach. He just said, “You almost get hit by a car just so you can take pictures, huh?” I had to laugh because he had a point. It sounds silly, but I realize I do some dumb sh*t to try and get good shots. It’s all worth it to me though!

Here’s something I saw on Jared Polin’s site:

It’s this device that hooks onto your belt that allows you to holster your camera there like a gun kind of. It looks ridiculous and I would never wear it, but I think it would be handy for those who dislike straps and stuff. You can read his review on the site or Youtube channel.

That’s it for today guys! Thanks for coming!


Hello everyone! Just wanted to make another entry since it’s been a couple days. Not much has happened. Went to a rave, went to work, went to sleep. Pretty much same old stuff. I did get to meet this really chill girl named Chinami though. She’s Ally’s friend from Willamette who came from Japan to study abroad. It’s been great to chat with someone to practice my Japanese and stuff ahaha. なみちゃん!誕生日おめでとう!日本に行けば、連絡するよ!

Anyways, here’s a link I want you guys to check out:

This is an album documenting James Livingston’s last 18 years of life. He died at the young age of 41 due to cancer. This is amazing to me that someone can take a polaroid everyday to keep a type of journal. This is a true 365 day project. And he did it for 18 years. Talk about dedicated. Some photos were really touching and others were very odd. I had a great time going through most of the photos though and I hope you guys do, too if you so choose so.

That’s it for today. the pictures I’m posting are some extras that I never got around to posting from last week I think. Gonna start shooting more again soon. I just need some alone time to not worry about doing anything or updating anything.

By the way. I hit 1,100+ views. Thanks for coming everyone!


So just a quick update for everyone! I’ve been working/chilling/sleeping just like every other day ahaha. I was trying to make this blog an everyday thing, but it’s hard to go out and shoot everyday. Big thumbs up for people who do an everyday blog.

Here’s just a quick video Steve Huff did to show off his M9-P.

This camera is beautiful. If I were to have just one camera for the rest of my life it would be this with a 50mm Summilux. Pure Sex.

Anyway, I just went around the neighborhood and took a couple shots. Mehhhh.