Hey everyone!! So today I had my hand surgery. It wasn’t too bad. After they popped in the IV I was out like light. Right now I feel groggy and a little dizzy and disorientated, but thankful that everything is okay.

So some people are asking me how I broke my hand. I did it by punching the wall in my house (and hit a 2×4 behind it). I ended up breaking two of my bones. My grandmother on my dad’s side has Dementia. When I was making food for her, she kept getting on my case and b*tching me out. I have a pretty bad temper so I decided to fight the wall. The wall won. This is definitely a life lesson for me. Not only did I break my hand, I blew a whole bunch of my Mom’s time and money. I want to thank her and all the people that showed concern for me.

On a brighter note, my hand is healing properly and I still am able to work.

Thanks for coming guys!

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