Hello everyone and Hello August! It’s already August… Time flew by so fast… Pretty soon classes will start up again and everything… But… I actually like college. I’m studying something I’m passionate about and I still have time to do photography, too. I’ve been working this weekend as usual. The splint thing on my hand gets in the way A LOT, but at least I have full function of my hand.

So lately, as you might have noticed, I started using film a little bit more. My last roll I got developed was really grainy since I was using ISO 800 film, but I went and picked up some Portra, Superia, HP5, etc to shoot with so I’m pretty excited. I even went and picked up a Yashica Electro 35 GSN. It’s a rangefinder camera, but the manual controls on it are very limited. It’s pretty much all aperture priority. I don’t mind though since it’s still a cool little camera. I also dug up my Grandpa’s old Nikon L35 AF AW (I got the Olympus Trip 35 from him, too). I LOVE compact film cameras. Maybe it’s because many of them are so cheap, yet have such great lenses on them. I don’t know, but yeah I like it :). I’m gonna throw a roll of Superia 200 in so hopefully I’ll have those shots up soon (still sticking with a roll a week).

That’s all for today. I have a small shoot coming up with a couple friends so hopefully I’ll have that done and be able to put up some shots, too. Till then!



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