Hey everyone! So today was a pretty easy going day. I woke up and headed over to my dad’s house this morning. I just lazed around until my friend Nicole picked me up so we can eat dinner with a few friends. I haven’t seen these people in a long time so it was nice to catch up and just see familiar faces. We had sushi in the Sunset area. It was pretty good, but we definitely didn’t order enough food for everyone.

So right now I’m contemplating getting a new lens for my 30D. I really want a Sigma 301.4 since it would be pretty close to a standard lens (50mm) on my 30D. I want a 50 1.4 also, but I figure since I have a 55 1.8 screwmount lens that it would be kind of repetitive. A Canon 28 1.8 would be nice, too, but I want the f/1.4 that the Sigma offers. If anyone sees one on Craigslist or something let me know. I remember seeing one awhile back, but I’m pretty sure the person either sold it or decided to keep it.

Here’s some more film stuff. Thanks for coming guys!


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