Yo everyone! Today was really chill. Slept until around 10 then went over to Buena Vista Park to go shoot with the Olympus Trip 35. I ended up eating sh*t after trying to jump over a log. I was pretty worried that I either messed up my hand again, or broke my camera, but luckily both are okay now. Later on I met up with Aidan and we went to the beach to try and get some shots. The weather was/is super gloomy out so I only got a couple shots I liked.

Here’s some inspiration for everyone:

This first link is to make a functioning paper Hasselblad. It uses 35mm film. It’s pretty cool, but nothing I’m trying myself haha.

The next link is for DOF magazine. It’s a new magazine started by this guy I saw posting on POTN. It’s pretty nice and it looks like he’s off to a great start.

Lastly, this is Jean Michel Bert’s site. I found this through so I thought I would share. Jean uses some sort of discontinued film called Kodak Technical Pan. I’m not too film savvy so all I know is that they don’t make it anymore. The effect is cool though. It looks like a b&w HDR except film. Definitely worth checking out.

That’s all for today! Thanks for visiting!

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