Hey everyone! So the past couple days I shot a few frames of film, but nothing really substantial. I’m planning a couple projects and it’s going to require some prep time and for me to get my post processing game together. I am HORRIBLE at using Photoshop. I have CS5, but let me say that 99% of my photos are done with simple adjustments (exposure, contrast, vignette, etc) in LightRoom 3.

In other news: I sold my Bronica ETR setup since I desperately need cash right now and classes start up again tomorrow. I’m personally VERY excited. F*ck Summer. I didn’t go anywhere anyways ahaha.

Here’s a couple links:

This first one is an interview with Bruce Haley. This is one of the most inspirational interviews I’ve read. It made me feel like “wow what the hell am I doing just sitting here”. He’s one hell of  photographer. Both his photos and story are amazing.

This second link is just a slideshow composed of shots using the discontinued Kodachrome film. I personally love Kodachrome. Unfortunately, they discontinued it shortly before I started really getting into photography. There are some great shots here. Worth a once through.

Thanks for coming again!


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