Hey everyone! So today was the first day of classes at SFSU. It was a pretty chill day. I got to class around 8 and then afterwards had breakfast with Aidan, Lilia, and some other people. Then I met up with Jen and Dexter to crash their Japanese class. I have so many breaks in between classes it’s ridiculous. Around 5 hours worth of breaks altogether. My professors seem really nice for the most part too (I’ve had 3 of them before) so that’s a plus.

I finally got a roll of film developed that I put through my Olympus Infinity Stylus. I love that camera. It’s small and discreet yet it takes great pictures (for a point and shoot film camera that is). Hopefully I’ll find the time to do more shooting throughout the semester.

I’m going to break down the shots from date. So first here’s a few shots I took when I went shooting with Rolo and Brandon.

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