Hey everyone! It’s been like a week or so since I last made a post, but that’s because I’m using all film cameras now so I can only update when I get film developed! Let’s see… Life has been up and down. I succeed one day, fail the next. Make money one day, lose it the next. Lose a friend one day, make a new friend the next. So it’s been a little rough, but yeah.

Today, I met up with my boy Sean (

I always saw his work on flickr and ISS, but I had yet to meet him in person. So we scheduled today to go out and shoot. We started by walking throughout Golden Gate Park, then went to Safeway for food, then to the park again for a quick strobe sesh, to Japantown to check out some things, then to Salvation Army. There were a lot of nice camera stuff there. All film, of course, but it was nice to see some gems. Sean picked up a $5 panoramic camera that takes some great ass pics. Rounded out the day by heading to the Legion of Honor and China Beach. We got our film developed at Walgreens and everything was good to go. Thanks for chillin and driving me around today, Sean!

Today I used the Canon Elan II and the Nikkormat FTN and the Olympus Stylus. I finished 2 rolls of film and got quite a few keepers.

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