Hey everyone! I thought I would update my blog before I go to work. Since I normally don’t get too in depth with my life when I make these posts, I had to think about whether or not I wanted to do this, but I thought I would make an exception this time. I would hope that this can be taken seriously and make people think about things we take for granted in life.

Recently, my Grandmother had to be hospitalized since she fell down. Not too many people know this, but she has a disease called Dementia. She’s pretty limited mentally and can barely remember things that have occurred minute to minute. She has forgotten me and the rest of my family and pretty much relies on instinct.

It’s hard dealing with somebody that used to be a mother figure who now doesn’t even know your name. Forgetting things and being trapped by your own mind is painfully, but I believe being forgotten can be just as bad. That is one main reason why I like photography.

The main reason why I enjoy photography is to capture memories that can be perserved forever. Each frame I shoot is physical proof of existence and if one day I forget everything, I can leave behind a legacy for my children and their children to see. So they can say “Wow Steven used to do this and that,” or “Wow he’s been here and there.” It’s all very sentimental and you guys reading may not have the same values as I do, but that’s my view on things.

Thanks for everyone who decided to read that.. Here’s a couple shots from my trip there.

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