New Project: Emotions.

Hello everyone! So lately I’ve decided to take up a photography project to keep me busy and active. I decided to ask people I know (or not know, I haven’t decided on this part yet) to model for me while I take a few pictures of them. The end result I’m looking for is a collection of portraits filled with different faces unified under one central Emotion. The Emotion I’ve decided to go with first is “Sorrow”. I wanted to do “Sorrow” because most of my people shots are done in brightly lit, forest/park type places. I wanted to take a step back and do more moody, dramatic, b&w shots. I think having to really work on the lighting and getting the angles and poses down perfectly will help me think more about my shots and help me improve (hopefully).

I haven’t decided on how many shots per Emotion I want or how many people I want for each one or how many Emotions I’m going to use yet. Just going to start and see where it takes me.

So today, Krystle was kind enough to help me out (whenever I decide to do something new like this expect to see her face 🙂 ). My phone was acting up so I completely missed our time to shoot during the day. By the time we were both done with classes the sun was setting and there wasn’t a lot of time to shoot, but I still managed to get the 3 shots I needed. Thanks Krystle.

I’ll be updating the blog with a few pictures of each person I can get to participate and at the end, I’ll probably make a Flickr set that will have all of them together. Hopefully I can keep up with this project (unlike my failed 365 attempt). To everyone who actually reads through this, I hope I can capture some visually appealing images for you guys to view.

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