Yo everyone! Happy New Years! It’s been awhile since I’ve last posted since I’ve been doing a lot of other things besides shooting this past month. I’ve recently begun reading books again and just been kicking it with people. I have, however, bought all the items I need to develop my own b&w film so I finally processed a roll of FP4+ that’s been sitting around forever. I shot it a few months ago (I think) on a photo walk with Rolo. I think I let it develop for a little too long, but I’m a sucker for contrast so meh I’ll adjust the time for the next roll I develop.

Thanks to everyone who checks out my blog! I looked at my annual blog report and it says I have 80 blog posts with something like 5000-6000 views.. There are even people reading my blog in different countries it’s kinda weird considering when I started doing this, I didn’t expect to get any views at all since this was something I wanted to do as a creative outlet. Hopefully this year I’ll post more (80/365 isn’t exactly consistent) and do more things. I’m planning on developing my own film for as long as possible so digital will probably take a back seat most of the time. I’ll hopefully be getting into instant photography, too once I get my hands on a decently priced SX-70 or similar.

Till next time everyone!

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