Bro Time Part 1.

Yo everyone! So yesterday was pretty exciting. I met up with Sean again to go shoot around JTown, Downtown, ChinaTown, and every other town in SF basically haha. He got me at around 11am and we stopped off at JTown for some pics and to get some brunch. I got some Tempura with Soba at this place in the mall area.. It was pretty good. Next we went downtown to go walk around and take some shots. That led us to ChinaTown and then towards the Embarcadero and then back over to where we parked. Then we drove down to the Mission district to grab a burrito and pick up some film from my place. After, we drove back to his apartment to develop film. I went through 3 rolls of film (2 b/w and 1 color). I haven’t scanned them yet so they’ll be up later.

After around 9pm or so Rolo and Mindy came over from their work and went to go shoot a few night shots with us. We went to the Golden Gate Bridge and Legion of Honor. We were feeling kind of hungry afterwards so we went to Drunken Sushi for some food. I got Oyako Don and it came out better than I thought it would. It was a pretty long day, but a good one. Definitely walked away with a lot of pictures I was happy with.

Here are Rolo and Sean’s sites. Check them out.



In a similar fashion to before, I’m going to upload shots documenting my day now and then other shots I took with film in separate posts. I used a Canon 1D mk ii, Olympus E-P1, and Ricoh GX200 for the digital shots. Have a good one people!

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