Hello everyone! So this week I’ve been pretty preoccupied by school related stuff making it harder for me to come up with blog post titles :). Anyways, I can tell that this semester will be a little more challenging than last semester, but I think it will still be fun. My Japanese classes seem pretty chill so far too… Well the content is harder, but I feel like this is the level I should be at in order to challenge myself to learn more.

I managed to shoot a roll of Arista 400 in my spare time. It’s supposedly re badged Kodak Tri-X 400 so I bought a whole bunch of rolls from Freestyle Photo. I shot it at night so a lot of shots came out a little blurry and kind of underexposed, but I was happy with a few of them. I definitely want to invest in some 3200 film soon. I also went to Green Apple Books with Sean and picked up a book called The Light of Tokyo. It’s a compilation of photos from Tokyo shot on large format black and white film (I think). The more I review the images from the book the more inspired I’m getting. Similar to how I felt when I first checked out Daido Moriyama’s work.

Thanks for checking in guys!

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