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Hey everyone here’s a few shots I’ve taken recently. I messed up on the developing on the last couple rolls I did.. Some of the shots were really two-toned. Gotta work on that more.

The only other thing that happened recently was that I sold all my DSLR gear. I probably won’t get anything digital again until I’m finished with my current project.



Hey everyone! Yesterday I went over to Pacifica to celebrate my Auntie’s birthday and to have a “baby shower” for my other Auntie as she just got another doggie. I brought my Nikkormat FTN and walked along the beach to get some shots. I haven’t been shooting at all. So much school and work has kept me busy. I’m going to try to get up early on weekends and go out and shoot though.

I just picked up  a Kodak Retina IIa camera today also. It’s a pretty cool folder camera I’m going to try and bring it with me everywhere I go (along with my Olympus Infinity Stylus). I also have a Polaroid Land 104 in the mail, too so now I can start doing some instant photography. Yeah so look forward to some of that in the future.

Thanks for coming everyone!


Hey everyone. Here’s some digital stuff from me. All shot with the E-P1 or iPhone 4. To be quite honest, I don’t like any of these shots. It just feels odd not using film and the results I get from digital just don’t do it for me anymore. I’m not saying digital sucks or anything like that. It’s just that for the type of photography I enjoy, I get more of a thrill using film. The way I shoot, what I shoot, everything changes. I’m still considering getting something like a Leica X1 or Fuji X100 as a back up shooter when I run out of film or something, but yeah.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day. Guess who’s gonna be working? 🙂

“If Spring can take the Snow away, can it melt away all Our Mistakes?”


Yo everyone~ So I haven’t done too much shooting lately.. I’ve been pretty preoccupied with studying and other stuff. Lately it feels like time has kind of stopped. The date changes and things happen, but it feels like I’m rooted in one place, ya know? It’s hard to describe, but that’s what I feel at the moment. I’ve also been going through my bookmarks and visiting all the photograph sites that have inspired me. It’s nice to be reminded of what I used to like doing versus what I like now and the areas of commonality between the two. I have a couple cameras loaded up so hopefully I can go out and shoot when I have more time.

Here’s some shots I took with iPhone and Hipstamatic. If you’re wondering I most commonly use Lucifer VI + BlacKeys SuperGrain for b&w and Roboto Glitter + Float for color shots. It’s pretty convenient to be able to use my phone as a camera now haha. The only downside is that I probably couldn’t make prints of any iPhone shots but then again I probably will never need to.

Well that’s it for today. Until next time~


Hello everyone! Early post today~ So this weekend I am helping watch my Auntie’s two dogs while she is on a trip. Everyone and I really mean everyone in my family is a dog owner/lover so yesterday we decided to take a trip to the dog park. I recently bought some Portra 800 so I decided to pop that in my Elan ii and see how it performed. I really like the color rendering of this film. Overexposed by 1 or 2 stops really makes this stuff shine. The only post processing I did was some slight cropping and fix darkness levels in LightRoom 3. Walgreens really dropped the ball on the development though. There’s dust all over the negs and I’m way too lazy to photoshop it out so it’s going to stay there haha.

Thanks for coming~

New Toy.

Hello everyone! So I finally decided to get one an iPhone. This is my 1st iPhone and I gotta say that it lives up to the hype (to me at least) since I use a lot of the applications and since I always carry my iPod and phone with me, it frees up pocket space. The camera on it performs pretty well, too. Feel free to add me on Instagram just search for steveniphoto.

Ever since Instagram and such apps have been around, I hear people say how iPhone cameras aren’t “real cameras” and that pictures taken with one isn’t considered Photography. I call bullshit there. It doesn’t matter what capturing medium you use to take photos.. What matters is the final photo you end up with. I think it’s ridiculous for people to think otherwise.

Ok that’s enough of me ranting.. Here are a few shots from the past couple days. I love the Hipstamatic app. I’ll probably post photos from the iPhone in between rolls of film. Yes, I’m a dirty little hipster. Peace!