New Toy.

Hello everyone! So I finally decided to get one an iPhone. This is my 1st iPhone and I gotta say that it lives up to the hype (to me at least) since I use a lot of the applications and since I always carry my iPod and phone with me, it frees up pocket space. The camera on it performs pretty well, too. Feel free to add me on Instagram just search for steveniphoto.

Ever since Instagram and such apps have been around, I hear people say how iPhone cameras aren’t “real cameras” and that pictures taken with one isn’t considered Photography. I call bullshit there. It doesn’t matter what capturing medium you use to take photos.. What matters is the final photo you end up with. I think it’s ridiculous for people to think otherwise.

Ok that’s enough of me ranting.. Here are a few shots from the past couple days. I love the Hipstamatic app. I’ll probably post photos from the iPhone in between rolls of film. Yes, I’m a dirty little hipster. Peace!

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