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Hey everyone! So yes this is my 3rd blog post in a row.. Normally it doesn’t happen this way so I’m pretty proud of myself for picking up the slack 🙂

So today was supposed to be the first day of classes, but of course I decided not to go. Not that I dislike my classes, but sometimes I don’t feel like showing up for 2 hours and leaving especially when the same material is available for review online. So instead I took the doggie out, blew through a roll of film downtown, picked up some new pants (mine have crotch blowouts), developed the roll I shot today, and headed to work.

The images below were shot on my Kodak Retina IIa (you’ve seen it probably as I posted a photo of it on facebook the other day). This camera is pretty cool mainly because it’s older than my mom. It was produced from 1951-1954 and still works great. It’s an older lens so the images I get from it have that “dated look” about them it’s kind of cool. Modern lenses probably have better optics, but for me photography is so much more than having a technically perfect image. I like having that “film look” to my shots, I like having the occasional blurry image that looks cool, I like developing my own film, etc etc. If I was looking for perfect I would have bought a 5D Mk II ages ago and called it a day. Instead, I like the romance involved in shooting film.

With that being said, I do like digital and will probably shoot my Nikon DSLR for the rest of the week. As many of you know, I jumped through like all the major camera companies and then I settled on Canon for a little while, but then decided to switch back to Nikon for my digital snaps mainly because after I sold all my Canon stuff I found a really good deal on my current set up. Also because I like being able to mount old Ai lenses from my Nikkormat to my D5000. Sure, it doesn’t meter but after shooting film for so long I don’t need a built in light meter anymore (another benefit of using film).

I was looking at my stats the other day and noticed that now I have a few people viewing my blog from South America, various places in Europe, and Korea 😀 I really do appreciate everyone taking the time to visit this blog of mine~


Hello everyone! Blog post two days in a row holy shit 😀

Anyways, today I got my haircut, went to my Dad’s place to take care of some business, and went to work. Pretty typical day. The weather was pretty good so I wish I had more time to go out and shoot though.

So for this last two rolls I decided to do more experimentation with agitation. This time instead of agitating every 1 minute for 7 seconds, I decided to agitate for 15 seconds every 2 minutes. It pretty much came out the same as my last roll with the contrast (because I shook the living shit out of it), but there was a lot of uneven development in my shots. I had to toss out a lot of frames that were pretty good because half the sky was blown out and half was not, etc. It’s all good though since it’s a learning experience.

Well school starts tomorrow so I’ll probably have to shoot more digital.. Even though I’m only in class for a few hours a day it seems like my free time just disappears haha.


Yo everyone! So Spring Break is almost done.. Back to school soon! I spent yesterday night with a few close friends who came back for  their break and then today I decided to run a quick errands, shoot a little bit, and develop film. I thought my developer was expired but I poured out a little but and found that only the top of it oxidized and the rest of it should last me a little while longer. I’m definitely going to buy some powder dev next time since I don’t develop film on a frequent basis.

I decided to try something new.. Normally I agitate at a pretty slow pace, but I wanted some more contrast to my photos. I remembered Sean told me something about agitating more so I looked it up online and found that over agitating creates more contrast. So during development I shook the shit out of the film. I may have overdone it because my highlights are BLOWN and I had to do a little editing in LightRoom to make my images usable.

Even though they look ridiculously contrasty, I kind of like the look. As I mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of Daido Moriyama and the way he edits (in Dark Room) makes his photos so contrasty and unique looking. Mine look totally different, but I feel like this little experiment was a step in the right direction for me.

Besides that, I picked up a couple new pieces of gear. One is a Minolta SRT 102 w/ 35 2.8 for $20 off Craigslist and the other a Tokina 28 2.8 for $40 on BH (for my Nikkormat). I’m really starting to like Wide Angle lenses.. At this point even 50mm on 35mm format is beginning to look too long.

That’s all for now.. Thanks for dropping by!


Yo everyone! So I’ve been shooting a good amount of film lately, but since my Developer went bad I have no way of processing them at the moment. I’ll most likely shoot a few more rolls and send a shit ton of film to a lab to be developed and I’ll just scan it myself.

I’ve been spending most of my break relaxing. I’ve been chilling with people here and there, but I mostly just want time to myself. I guess at heart I’m a loner. I never really liked hanging out with a lot of people unless I was really close to all of them and somehow being with large groups makes me feel weird. More than anything, I think I just want to have a quiet life with a small group of close friends ya know?

Anyways, here’s some random snapshots I took with the Nikon. I really want a super wide angle to have with this camera.. Probably going to get a 10-20 or something similar. I know my posts have been dry as hell lately, but thanks to everyone that stops by!


Here’s a post just for the sake of posting something. I finished up my last assignment for this week which is a paper/presentation for a Leisure class.. Ironic, huh? On the bright side my group mates are the chillest people ever so I had a good time working with everyone. Now my Spring Break has pretty much started and now I can finally relax and stuff.

Here’s some from a roll of film I shot a couple weeks ago. My exposure was pretty off actually haha so I had to do some minor fixes in LightRoom3. I shot most of this roll from the hip (literally) so I didn’t know how a lot of the shots would come out. Unfortunately there were great shots that would have come out great if I had stopped to frame them, but instead were useless because half of the subject was cut off, etc.

Meet Up.

Hey everyone! So the weekend was pretty proactive. On Saturday, I got guitar lessons and had lunch with a few friends, went to work, and after met up Sean, Rolo, Mindy, and Jonathan to go take some more shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. Last time, my tripod was shaking really bad and I ended up with lots of blurry pictures, but this time was significantly better since Sean lent me his gear and Jonathan lent me his extra tripod. Thanks guys!

After we got to the bridge, Rolo’s buddy Marvin who joined us for a little bit. After getting all the shots, we hit up Uncle Boy’s for some burgers. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty good, but there were so many drunk idiots in line it kind of made the wait tiresome. Maybe borderline irritating. When we finally got our food we headed to Sean’s to eat and then we all decided to go home.

Today, I ended up just going to Serramonte and buying some clothes and just chilling before work. I’m going to have to cram for all the shit I have going on this week.

Be sure to check out everyone’s sites and stuff. Thanks for coming guys. Peace!