Here’s some shots I took with the new Land camera I got in this past week. I noticed it has a tendency to underexpose all my shots so I had to bump up the brightness in LightRoom, but I think I know a way to work around it better. I noticed when I scanned the polaroids that there was a lot of dust on them too haha I guess I have to store them better.

I haven’t been posting as much as I really want to, but I’ve still been shooting a good amount. I have film that needs to be developed and scanned and more that I’m planning to shoot up Sunday. I’m probably going to mail all the stuff to a lab since I have a small mix of color film in there as well.

I started doing a dirty selection of shots I might want for my project. So far I’ve come up with 9, but I don’t know if I want to use some of the shots I picked. I would like to have 20 shots or maybe a little more and make a small book or something that I can put on my coffee table once I get my own place. Not like my other book.. That was just a test ahaha this time I actually have a certain look and theme I’m going for.

Class and stuff has been pretty stressful. I just had an exam and now I have a midterm Monday, another test Tuesday, another test Wednesday as well as a paper due on Wednesday… Fuck me.

Well thanks for stopping in! I appreciate the views. I just looked at my stats and I see that there are people from France and Italy who are looking at my blog. It’s so cool how the internet has the ability to connect people from essentially opposite sides of the planet. It’s really starting to become a time when dreams become true and nightmares become a reality.

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