Meet Up.

Hey everyone! So the weekend was pretty proactive. On Saturday, I got guitar lessons and had lunch with a few friends, went to work, and after met up Sean, Rolo, Mindy, and Jonathan to go take some more shots of the Golden Gate Bridge. Last time, my tripod was shaking really bad and I ended up with lots of blurry pictures, but this time was significantly better since Sean lent me his gear and Jonathan lent me his extra tripod. Thanks guys!

After we got to the bridge, Rolo’s buddy Marvin who joined us for a little bit. After getting all the shots, we hit up Uncle Boy’s for some burgers. I’m not gonna lie, it was pretty good, but there were so many drunk idiots in line it kind of made the wait tiresome. Maybe borderline irritating. When we finally got our food we headed to Sean’s to eat and then we all decided to go home.

Today, I ended up just going to Serramonte and buying some clothes and just chilling before work. I’m going to have to cram for all the shit I have going on this week.

Be sure to check out everyone’s sites and stuff. Thanks for coming guys. Peace!

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