Yo everyone! So Spring Break is almost done.. Back to school soon! I spent yesterday night with a few close friends who came back for  their break and then today I decided to run a quick errands, shoot a little bit, and develop film. I thought my developer was expired but I poured out a little but and found that only the top of it oxidized and the rest of it should last me a little while longer. I’m definitely going to buy some powder dev next time since I don’t develop film on a frequent basis.

I decided to try something new.. Normally I agitate at a pretty slow pace, but I wanted some more contrast to my photos. I remembered Sean told me something about agitating more so I looked it up online and found that over agitating creates more contrast. So during development I shook the shit out of the film. I may have overdone it because my highlights are BLOWN and I had to do a little editing in LightRoom to make my images usable.

Even though they look ridiculously contrasty, I kind of like the look. As I mentioned before, I’m a huge fan of Daido Moriyama and the way he edits (in Dark Room) makes his photos so contrasty and unique looking. Mine look totally different, but I feel like this little experiment was a step in the right direction for me.

Besides that, I picked up a couple new pieces of gear. One is a Minolta SRT 102 w/ 35 2.8 for $20 off Craigslist and the other a Tokina 28 2.8 for $40 on BH (for my Nikkormat). I’m really starting to like Wide Angle lenses.. At this point even 50mm on 35mm format is beginning to look too long.

That’s all for now.. Thanks for dropping by!

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