Hey everyone! So on Thursday I met up with a photographer named Daniel (please check out his site) to do some shooting in downtown SF. By some stroke of coincidence we both ended up using Minolta cameras (I brought my Nikkormat as a back up though, but never used it) so from that moment I knew we were gonna click. He’s a real chill dude and a great photographer.. Nice to meet you bro! 🙂

After shooting we got some food, but I unfortunately had to go to class at 4pm.

I developed the roll I shot and unfortunately it looks like I screwed up again.. The shots look horrible. My developing has been going downhill. I think I’m really just going to use a lab from now on. It makes no sense for me to waste all these shots just because I did something wrong during processing… I’d rather pay a few extra bucks per roll and have peace of mind.

Anyways, here’s the shots that I could use. Thanks for coming!

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