Slow Down.

So this morning I met up with Sean to do some quick shooting. He was under some time constraints so we were done within an hour, but it was enough time for me to shoot a roll of Tri-X in my Pentax 645 and pick up a Canon film SLR for $20. I’ve got about 10 rolls of 120 film shot so far. I think, depending on how much film I go through, I’ll send my film to be processed either once or twice a month. It’s actually kind of cool not worrying about having to scan or edit images all the time (except a few tweaks for my digital shots, but that only takes a few seconds per shot).. I think when you “have to” do something it takes away some fun aspects of the activity. For example, I would like to update my blog daily, but I know that if I try to, it will end up feeling like a chore and I’ll end up putting really boring everyday snapshots up (the shots I already put up are boring enough).

I think this world we are living in right now is so focused on how fast and conveniently we can accomplish things that we end up losing a part of us along the way.. That sounded a lot more cornier than I intended, but my opinion remains the same. Think about it. You know I’m right.

Anyways, here’s some snaps today from the Fuji X100. This is such a great camera I’m probably going to take it everywhere with me. Till next time!

    • keeper
    • April 18th, 2012

    great shots! im excited to see what came out from the cherry blossom fesitival too!

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