So I got my first roll of film that I shot in my Holga developed yesterday.. I shot it awhile back when I met up with Rolo and Arthur. I like the camera a lot. It’s so simple and lightweight that I just pick it up and start shooting. I definitely need to load it up with film and shoot it more often.

I got it developed at Walgreens and I have to say, it looks like shit. I took it straight home and it went from the film holders to the scanner so I know it wasn’t anything I did wrong. There were so many hairs and fibers on my negs it looks like the workers at Walgreens threw them on the floor after they dev’d it. I had just wiped down my scanner, too so I know most of the little things I see on there aren’t from me. This is the second time this has happened from going to Walgreens.. I think it’s just this one in particular because I’ve been to two other ones in the Richmond district and the results from there are perfectly fine. I tried doing a little spot removal here and there but I gave up as there were SO many little particles.

So moral of the story.. If you have film that you need developed, don’t go to 22nd/Potrero Walgreens to have it done haha.

    • keeper
    • April 23rd, 2012

    they came out great dude! we need another session together!

    • brianhawley365
    • April 23rd, 2012

    Instant vintage with all that shit on your negs. I’d be pissed at Walgreens too, but coming out of a holga it’s almost style points.

  1. great shots! ah i had some bad experience with a lab too.. really annoying – now i do my own b/w processing, and hope to start on color too. that might take a bt of practice though

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