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Here’s some X100 and GX200 photos I shot from yesterday and today. It’s been awhile since I took the Gx200 out to shoot so it was fun to use it in the streets again. It’s already noisy as hell at ISO 200, but it’s a great camera. Tomorrow is already June.. Time flies by so quick now.


Shot around with Sean, Rolo, and Aidan today. Went out or pretty much the whole day and shot around. I’m still at Sean’s place so I’m using iPhone to update the blog. Pretty cool, huh?








Today I just kicked back and did nothing. I did, however, see a couple inspiring videos online of people shooting in Japan. I also recently read an article about Magnum photographer Alex Majoli. About 8 years ago, he went to shoot a few assignments overseas. The only cameras he brought with him were these shitty Olympus point and shoot cameras.. I guess they were then what  the Canon G series is now (not the G1X.. I mean like the G9, G10, G11, G12) except the technology was a lot worst. Despite the primitive technology that went into digital cameras back then, he came back with GREAT shots. A couple shots he took with those p&s cameras back then are better than what I see from people with their $2000+ Canikon set ups or their $10,000+ Leica set ups on Flickr.

It’s all about the photographer, not the camera!

Here’s some more pushed Neopan.


Here’s some Neopan I shot while I was out with Sean. I pushed this to 1600 and found that it’s way too contrasty for the developer I have. I do have a couple more rolls to develop that I shot at 1600 so after I dev those I’ll probably shoot the rest of my stash at box speed until i pick up some new chemicals.

I also ordered a whole bunch of Superia 800 from Amazon.. I’m considering starting a one camera, one lens, one film project soon, but I don’t know what I want to do yet.

I also got 4 out of 5 of my grades back.. B, B+, B-, B. Fuck yeah! Considering I barely showed up for like 3 of my classes I think I did alright.


I took my X100 and an old flash to shoot some stuff at Carnaval. The weather was really dull so I felt that b&w with flash would be appropriate.


So today I went to a family get together at my Uncle and Aunt’s house in Hercules. The only time I really get to see my family all together is during Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, etc so it was good to have time to see everyone. Keep in mind I’m just talking about my immediate family. My grandma had 8 kids so I have 6 aunts and 2 uncles as well as their spouses, dogs, etc so our family is pretty big. This is just my mom’s side of the family, too.

It turned out that my aunties had planned on surprising my mom with a cake and presents since she just adopted a dog. Overall a fun time.

Long Exposure.

Here’s som long exposures I took when I was out with Jonathan the other night in Chinatown. I like a couple of the shots, but the rest were pretty bleh in my opinion. I had a good time shooting though.. It’s good to have a change of pace when shooting. I’m so used to walking around looking for interesting people to capture that I don’t take the time to set up a tripod and do stuff like that.

Chill Time.

So today I spent the day shooting with Sean.. We covered downtown and the Fisherman’s Wharf/Pier 39 area. I burned through a couple rolls of film and then I had a few rolls developed at Walgreens.. Still have to scan them.

Here’s a couple shots. One of Sean and the other of his roomie, Kyle.


Last night/Early this morning I was out with Jonathan taking some long exposures in Chinatown. I brought my Nikkormat and shot a roll of Lomo CN 100.. Just have to get it developed and scan it.

I got home around 4 and got up at 7:30 so I’m still tired as hell. I did go and pick up a book called “Magnum Magnum” though. It’s filled with the best photos of Magnum photographers chosen by other Magnum photographers. I got it for less than $40 brand new so compared to other books out there it’s priced fairly well in my opinion for its size.

Here’s some other stuff for now.