Today I just kicked back and did nothing. I did, however, see a couple inspiring videos online of people shooting in Japan. I also recently read an article about Magnum photographer Alex Majoli. About 8 years ago, he went to shoot a few assignments overseas. The only cameras he brought with him were these shitty Olympus point and shoot cameras.. I guess they were then what  the Canon G series is now (not the G1X.. I mean like the G9, G10, G11, G12) except the technology was a lot worst. Despite the primitive technology that went into digital cameras back then, he came back with GREAT shots. A couple shots he took with those p&s cameras back then are better than what I see from people with their $2000+ Canikon set ups or their $10,000+ Leica set ups on Flickr.

It’s all about the photographer, not the camera!

Here’s some more pushed Neopan.

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