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I took these shots last week when I was out shooting with Daniel. I used the Canon AF35M (sure shot/autoboy) that Sean helped me pick up for $10. A little overexposed in some photos, but overall pretty nice. I may end up buying 100 speed film and exposing it at 200 or something with this camera.

Tri-X again. I’ll probably have something in color up soon.. All this b/w is making my blog look dry.



Yo it’s been a few days, huh?! Well recently I’ve been catching up with friends and taking care of some stuff the past few days so I’ve been pretty preoccupied. I have been shooting, but I’ve been way too lazy to develop anything until recently.

Today I went to my Great Uncle’s funeral service thing. He had passed away from cancer. It’s sad that he passed, but I think it’s one of those things where you can say there’s no more suffering.

Here’s some more Tri-X. Yes, this is my favorite b/w film and it’s probably the only b/w film I’ll use going forward. I do have some color film, but I haven’t found the time to really shoot it. I’ll get to it some day.


So today I met Daniel around noon to do some shooting. I shot a couple rolls and switched over to the GX200 (which died on me because I couldn’t find the charger… I got it now though). We walked around for a good 4 hours or so and then I left to run a couple miles at the gym. I’m tired.

Here’s some shots with my GX200 before it died.


I got around to scanning another roll of Tri-X. Here’s some shots.


I had a pretty fun week chilling with people, but now it’s back to work! It’s kind of weird how my weekend is everyone else’s weekday and vice versa. It’s kind of a pain to organize things with people, but meh I need the money to support my lavish lifestyle.

I also sold my X100 today.. Need to pay off a few things haha. It’s definitely by far the best camera I’ve used but I can’t justify the price to keep it. That’s one thing I like about buying gear. If you buy ┬ánice things they retain their value and sell fairly easily.

Here’s some iPhone shots. I really like using this b/w set up I have on Hipstamatic. It’s a little too contrasty for my taste sometimes, but it works for certain shots where I’m trying to play with light and shadow. It kind of reminds me of pushed film except I don’t have much control over exposure.

Since I don’t have a digital camera right now (I can’t find the charger to my GX200 lol) I’ll probably only upload iPhone snapshots or film till something else comes along. I’m planning on taking a break from my current project and shooting up the 21 or so rolls of color film I have lying around.


Went to go eat with Aidan earlier.. Tried to get some shooting in but wasn’t really feeling the people walking around. About to go to dinner or something.

More film snapshots. I think this was Tri-X.


Today I went to take care of a few things then met my friend Ally for dinner/dessert.

I shot this roll when I met up with Brian like a week or two ago.