So today I met up with a fellow photographer named Brian who had just moved to SF. I have talked with this guy online before and have been following his blog for a couple weeks or so now so it was nice to finally meet him. I mostly shot with the Fuji X100 with flash. This was my first time shooting in the streets with a wireless trigger so I was kind of nervous about how my shots would turn out, but in the end I got a few good ones I think (although a few are blurry, too).. It’s just really hard to get the right angle with the flash.

This was the first time that people stopped me and asked me to delete their photo. I mean, I have no problem doing so whatsoever since I’m not out to make anyone feel bad or ruin anyones day, but it was a little shocking since I didn’t expect it. After a little bit I decided to ask for permission more so just in case I got a really good shot I wouldn’t have to delete it if the person wasn’t okay with it.

Just wanted to add that it’s perfectly legal for me to flash you in the face on the street (as long as it’s public property). A lady threatened to call the police earlier (even though I deleted her photo already lol) and it’s just like whatever.. Fucking do it then. If I’m being nice enough to delete your image when I don’t have to then don’t threaten me with something silly like Pigs. It’s funny how that little light that pops out when I take a shot make such a difference to people. It’s pretty interesting how people think.


    • brianhawley365
    • June 5th, 2012

    cool to see your shots, after having already being there. flash really makes them look more 3d. good work.

    • dalzellphoto
    • June 5th, 2012

    Very nice street. Although I’m not a huge fan of the flash that Bruce Gildon and Eric Kim seem to enjoy. I think the photo of the toothless guy is my favorite of the group.

    • i actually agree but for now it is something different i want to try. i only really like a few photos ive taken with flash.. the toothless chinese man being one of them.. thanks!

    • Mike
    • June 5th, 2012

    Interesting post and shots. Girl with the pizza tray is the standout for me. Seems to me that what the flash does is totally direct the eye to what you want the viewer to see which works well enough in this situation.

  1. Nice stranger post. I get that all the time, with people and privacy. It’s because of technology, people are scared to be on social platforms, or they think it will be used to exploit… although “photography” in it of itself can be interpreted that way. I think the use of flash is great for your subject matter, the fact that it’s so in your face, there’s sort of a spontaneity. Similar to disposable photography. Great post thanks for sharing.

  2. thanks mike and aldo!

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