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So I found out that I have to be 21 in order to legally go and show my photos at the RAW show. I mean, I could try to go in and hope they don’t card me, but honestly I don’t have the finances to risk ending up on a street corner with $100 worth of prints and nowhere to show them. Thanks to everyone who said they would buy a ticket though! I really appreciate the interest in supporting my hobby.

Lately I’ve just been going to class, working, meeting up with friends.. Normal stuff. I have some film building up that I just get way too lazy to develop haha. I’m trying though!

Here’s some snapshots from a couple of old rolls of Tri-X I finally got around to scanning.

Tri-X @ EI 800; HC-110 Dilution X.



Hey guys so recently i was contacted by and they invited me to show/sell my work at an event they are holding next month. Here’s the catch: I need to sell 20 tickets in order to be able to attend (this pays for my spot and guests who come).

Tickets are $10 each. If you guys could buy one and help me get there I would really really appreciate it. You can just buy it and not show up it doesn’t matter to me haha.
To buy, click on the link and then go next to where it says I AM RAW and click on the buy ticket option. You can use paypal or card.

Click Here to Buy Tickets.

If you’re able to spare $10 to help support me and the other artists that would be great.. This could be a pretty big opportunity for me to get my work out there so any support would be appreciated. Thanks!
For more info about the venue and other artists please go here:
Anyways, here’s some stuff off the iPhone.


I think this is one of those days where it’s better to not say anything at all, but I will say one thing.. Pull up a list of the victims of 9/11, scroll through it, and look at as many names as you can. We give so much attention to 9/11.. We share FB photos, post up statuses about it, post it all over our media, yet unless we know someone who was a victim.. How many of us can name one single person who died during the 9/11 attacks?

“Can you name me one person who died during 9/11?”

My dad asked me this question years ago and I couldn’t give him an answer. Can you?


I got around to rescanning the 1st roll from my Holga. At 2400 DPI, it still produced 30mb RAW files which I thought was pretty cool haha. I know some photographers get real snooty and say “Oh why are you shooting a toy camera? Those are for hipsters.. Real photographers use blah blah blah.” That kind of shit annoys me. These are the same people that talk shit about other peoples’ work online yet never post any of their own shots.

I like the results I got mainly because the shots look like memories. Memories (at least mine) aren’t sharp, properly exposed, or fluid. My memory is a collection of images. For example, if I wanted to think back to what I did at a holiday party a couple years back, I normally will see a few random images come to mind after thinking.. Images that are as imperfect as the ones that come from the Holga.

Holga 120N loaded with HP5+. Developed in TMax Dev @ 1/2 strength with 2x developing time.


Tri-X shot @ 800. developed in HC-110, Dilution X.


Well September already came around.. This year is passing by pretty quickly! I’ve been working pretty late at night so I haven’t had that much time to update. I am still shooting though.

Classes have been okay.. Okay no they haven’t been okay. They suck and I hate them haha. I have an alright schedule, but other than that this semester is going to be a drag.

I’ve been out shooting here and there. I developed a roll of Tri-X today and have a few more rolls to process. I’m sad to say that I’ll have to switch to Ilford from now on though. Fuji and Kodak are both fucking up badly and Ilford has been the only brand to maintain itself under tougher times. Plus HP5+ is one of my favorite films (next to Tri-X) so I have no problem using it at all.

I’ll try and develop more film soon. Till next time!