Well September already came around.. This year is passing by pretty quickly! I’ve been working pretty late at night so I haven’t had that much time to update. I am still shooting though.

Classes have been okay.. Okay no they haven’t been okay. They suck and I hate them haha. I have an alright schedule, but other than that this semester is going to be a drag.

I’ve been out shooting here and there. I developed a roll of Tri-X today and have a few more rolls to process. I’m sad to say that I’ll have to switch to Ilford from now on though. Fuji and Kodak are both fucking up badly and Ilford has been the only brand to maintain itself under tougher times. Plus HP5+ is one of my favorite films (next to Tri-X) so I have no problem using it at all.

I’ll try and develop more film soon. Till next time!

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