I got around to rescanning the 1st roll from my Holga. At 2400 DPI, it still produced 30mb RAW files which I thought was pretty cool haha. I know some photographers get real snooty and say “Oh why are you shooting a toy camera? Those are for hipsters.. Real photographers use blah blah blah.” That kind of shit annoys me. These are the same people that talk shit about other peoples’ work online yet never post any of their own shots.

I like the results I got mainly because the shots look like memories. Memories (at least mine) aren’t sharp, properly exposed, or fluid. My memory is a collection of images. For example, if I wanted to think back to what I did at a holiday party a couple years back, I normally will see a few random images come to mind after thinking.. Images that are as imperfect as the ones that come from the Holga.

Holga 120N loaded with HP5+. Developed in TMax Dev @ 1/2 strength with 2x developing time.

    • brianhawley365
    • September 8th, 2012

    i love the way the 6×6 makes the pictures better at isolating the subject. i’d rather shoot 35mm, but i wish i could shoot 35mm in square format.

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