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Today was my first day of classes. It was alright. My first class is Asian American Women and while it doesn’t seem too hard, the professor has a thick french accent and takes forever to explain things. My second class was Asian American Photographic Explorations. Now THIS class seems cool. Lots of photo based assignments and the class is intimately small. After that I had Contemporary Japanese Literature. I have mixed feelings about this class.. It seems fun but very hard at the same time due to the amount of reading and stuff. My last class is a Thursday only class so I’ll have to wait to comment on that one.. It’s another Japanese class. I’m just hoping I can be proactive and keep up this semester!

I was able to take a few shots with my new X10 today. It handles very similarly to the X100 but there were a couple things I overlooked which led to me screwing up some shots I had taken. Just like the X100, the learning curve is a little high especially compared to other cameras, but with a clean ISO up to 1600 and the ability to zone focus, I have no complaints.


Today I got up a little late so I ran a few miles around the neighborhood and went out to shoot. Sean met me up after his classes and we just went and walked around a little. I gave him some film to develop, too since the lab by his house in Salinas is fairly cheap compared to the places around SF.

On the way back home, I looked up and the sky was a fiery red.. About as red as the flannel shirt I was wearing. I haven’t seen it like that in awhile so I went looking for a spot to get a good shot of it. After about 10 mins of failing to find a spot, I looked up and the red sky was gone.. Replaced by the ugly gray that seemed to cover everything around me. Disappointed, I started to walk home. One the way I saw a familiar face that I haven’t seen in awhile. Like a little kid, my tongue got tied and my palms started to sweat. As we exchanged greetings and departed, I noticed that she ironically had a gray hoodie on. I guess even an ugly gray world has beauty in it.


Today I went to go meet up with Sean to do some shooting. Unfortunately, it was raining most of the day so I didn’t get to do as much as I would have liked, but I still got a little in. Afterwards, we went to this Japanese spot that I had never been to. It was pretty much an izakaya.. The food was great though. I ordered Hiyayakko and Ochazuke. I haven’t had any Japanese food in forever. The waitress was pretty nice.. She came over and talked to us a little and asked us about photography stuff.. Pretty cute chick, too. I’d rate the meal as a success.

The other day, I had misplaced my wallet for the first time in what seems like years.. It wasn’t like I knew it was in the house somewhere and couldn’t find it.. I literally had no clue where I put it. Inside my wallet I keep something really really really important to me. Something more valuable to me than any camera or whatever (no it’s not money related 🙂 ). When I realized that I couldn’t find my wallet, I had a mini panic attack and started stressing really bad.. Luckily my Aunt helped me find it in the depths of the mess that is my room. I felt such a wave of relief come over me afterwards. Moral of the story: If you have something of sentimental value that cannot be replaced, fucking leave it at home!


I’m highly disappointed to say the very fucking least.


I worked a 9 hour shift at work today so I’m tired as hell.. I worked the whole thing with no breaks in between. Whenever the Niners play, everyone and their mothers order pizza from us. I’m working Super Bowl, too. Fuck me.


Couldn’t think of anything to say so here’s some old photos.


Today I got up, ran a couple miles, and went to go sell my GF2 since I don’t really use it. Thanks to Sean for finding me a buyer so quickly. Afterwards I just did some shooting and called it a day.

I’ve actually been out shooting quite a bit this week, but haven’t gotten around to processing the rolls yet.. mostly snapshots to test out the XA2 I picked up. I also picked up another Olympus Trip 35 for $30 since I don’t want to use the one I have. The one I first obtained was from my Grandfather after he passed away so it has some sentimental value. I would hate to break it.