I recently just re read Talking Barnacles by Patrick Tsai. It’s a pretty sweet photo blog that I found awhile back, but never bothered to read through it. He goes through similar frustrations that I have sometimes and his brutal honesty and openness is very refreshing. It’s kinda old now but I do recommend reading it if you have the time. He’s also a part of the same photo group as Ume Kayo whose work I enjoy a lot (she probably gets my vote for cutest female photographer, too.. Totally my type 🙂 ).

Today was wet. I was running this morning and the rain just started coming down in little patches. I also woke up with a major neck ache so being wet on top of it was no bueno. I had wanted to meet a friend for dinner, but she said she had no money.. Then I came to the realization that I didn’t want to spend any 😀 . I’m hoping tomorrow will bring better weather since I plan on shooting.

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