Today I got up a little late so I ran a few miles around the neighborhood and went out to shoot. Sean met me up after his classes and we just went and walked around a little. I gave him some film to develop, too since the lab by his house in Salinas is fairly cheap compared to the places around SF.

On the way back home, I looked up and the sky was a fiery red.. About as red as the flannel shirt I was wearing. I haven’t seen it like that in awhile so I went looking for a spot to get a good shot of it. After about 10 mins of failing to find a spot, I looked up and the red sky was gone.. Replaced by the ugly gray that seemed to cover everything around me. Disappointed, I started to walk home. One the way I saw a familiar face that I haven’t seen in awhile. Like a little kid, my tongue got tied and my palms started to sweat. As we exchanged greetings and departed, I noticed that she ironically had a gray hoodie on. I guess even an ugly gray world has beauty in it.

    • brianhawley365
    • January 25th, 2013

    Have you considered processing your own color film? Prices for chem make it about a dollar per roll… I haven’t tried yet but I just ordered the film I’m going to eventually process. You can do e6 also… But I’d almost rather pay for the slides to be mounted….

    • i get it processed for ~$2.50 a roll. i’d rather pay the extra $1.50 for convenience haha. i get my film for less than $2 anyways so its not expensive.

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