So I’m currently writing this as I’m developing some film just cus I don’t wanna have to do it later haha. I don’t know about other people that self develop, but I like developing as much as I like shooting. I get a lot of time to just zone out to music and reflect on things. Shooting, developing, and running are like my therapeutic activities, ya know? Sometimes the noise and hustle&bustle of the “outside world” is just too much so it’s nice to be able to have alone time I guess. I put around ~12 rolls through the M5 so far that I need to scan, but I don’t know if I want to post any of it just yet. On the downside, I’m running out of film and I’m also broke as hell. Unless I can come up on some cheap, expired stuff on Craigslist again, then I’ll have to drop color film altogether and just shoot 1 roll of b/w a week and the rest be digital. I can’t stand the colors from digital cameras though. I mean, I guess they’re acceptable, but I much rather be shooting film.

    • keeper
    • March 23rd, 2013

    hate developing lol

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