Wow it’s been awhile since I last updated. Time is going by super super fast. I just have to take a couple summer courses and then I can graduate at the end of the Fall semester… One semester earlier than normal! Pretty excited for to get out of school and apply for JET. I still don’t really have a set plan for the future and that kinda scares me sometimes.. It’s easy for me to say fuck it, but if I don’t take things carefully life is gonna fuck me.

During class I started to realize just how much I depend on some of my classmates for help on things and how incapable I have been during my entire time in college. Whether it’s depending on people for help on homework or asking stuff I should know about normal college stuff (selecting classes, when things are due, etc etc).. I always believed in being independent and only relying on yourself since at the end of the day you’re the only one you can rely on. I think I need to re evaluate some things and become a more capable person because once I graduate I can’t exactly expect people to be able to help me through everything. I guess no matter how mature I think I am, I do still need to grow up.

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