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Yesterday I shot Sean’s senior portrait. We grabbed some lunch and then I headed out to my good friend Takeo’s (early) 21st birthday party. Hope you enjoyed yourself man.

I’ve been busy with school and work lately. I got hired at a new spot and will start in a couple weeks. I’ve still been shooting though. Sean’s having about 13 rolls of color that I shot this month developed for me and I have like 20 rolls of b/w I still need to scan. I’m thinking about posting some projects I had to do for my Photography class as well just because. Speaking of which, the gallery I mentioned last post is going great and is open until this coming Thursday if you have time to visit. It’s at 518 Valencia St in SF.

In any case, I will be busy for a couple more weeks due to finals/papers/etc so there won’t be too many updates. Thanks to the people who still check in every now and then haha.

Here’s a rol of film I shot a long time ago that I just scanned. I have to start catching up on my scanning ugh.



Happy May! Today my friend Kiyomi helped me finish up a photography project for a class. After that, I met up with Sean to shoot and grab some food. Shintaro met us up shortly after so we could pick up some frames for our gallery showing.. I ended up spending ~$35 on 10 4×6 frames. I originally wanted to use 8×10 prints, but after looking at how big the frames would be and considering that I don’t have that much space, I decided to size down a lot.

Speaking of the gallery, you can find info on it here in this pic:

Gallery info

If anyone in the SF area can make it, I would be grateful. Me and my classmates have put a lot of thought into our individual pieces so showing up and just saying hey would mean a lot.